7 weeks ago today I became a mum. I gave birth to my beautiful son Harper, a day I will never forget. From that day on wards I have learnt so much. In the past weeks there have been many highs and some lows.

I had a healthy pregnancy and all was good with me and the baby but the labour was quite traumatic for me. Although I knew not all labours were straightforward and things can go wrong or not how they were planned, I thought my labour would be pretty smooth sailing due to my normal pregnancy. yeah I won’t lie to you labour was pretty painful but it’s true what people say, you soon forget about all that when you have them in your arms.

When I first found out I was pregnant for some reason I felt ashamed because I was young. Even though I had this feeling I loved with every piece of my heart the little human that was growing inside me. As the weeks went by I got over that feeling and thought to myself who cares what other people think? this is my life and if I want to have this  baby I will and so I did and I would not change it for the world.

We found out the sex of the baby on our 20 week scan, it was a boy although I kind of hoped it was a girl because of all the pretty dresses and clothing I had seen. But I wasn’t really that bothered as long as the baby was healthy that’s all that really mattered to me.

First scan at 10 weeks


The worst part of my pregnancy I would say was the morning sickness. The word ‘morning sickness’ is pretty miss leading as you could be throwing up at anytime of the day, morning, dinner, afternoon, nighttime. The best part of my pregnancy was being able to eat what i wanted and when i wanted without people judging. All the achces and pains were definatley worth it in the end.

Megan x



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